Murray Leinster: A Bibliography of Mysteries
— All novels and stories carry the byline of Murray Leinster unless noted. He often used his real name, Will F. Jenkins, but occasionally used the pseudonyms William Fitzgerald, Louisa Carter Lee, and Florinda Martel. —

Mystery Books
Scalps. New York, NY: Brewer & Warren Inc., 1930. (Also known as Wings of Chance).

Murder Madness. New York, NY: Brewer & Warren Inc., 1931. (First pub. in four parts in Astounding Stories, May-August 1930).
Reprinted, FPCI, 1949. Cover by William Benulis.

Murder Will Out. London, UK: John Hamilton, Ltd., 1932.

Sword of Kings. London, UK: John Long, 1933.

Murder in the Family. London, UK: John Hamilton, Ltd., 1935.

No Clues. London, UK: Wright & Brown, 1935.

Wings of Chance. London, UK: John Hamilton, Ltd., 1935. (Also known as Scalps). [Jenkins, Will F.].

The Man Who Feared. New York, NY: Gateway Books, 1942. (First pub. in four parts in Detective Fiction Weekly, August 9-30, 1930).

Mystery Stories
The Purple Hieroglyph. Snappy Stories, March 1, 1920.

The Day of the Dead, Chapter 6. Black Mask, July 1921 (with other writers).

One Small Smudge of Soot. Black Mask, March 1922.

Pink Ears. Black Mask. April 1922.

The Frankenstein Twins. Black Mask, June 1922.

The Vault. Black Mask, August 1922.

The Wallet That Weighed Too Much. Black Mask, October 1922.

Nerved with Black. Detective Story Magazine, March 31, 1923.

Third Man's It. Black Mask. May 1924.

The Cleverness of Baron DeCittabola. Mystery Stories, November 1927.

The Grand Canal Street Robbery. Mystery Stories, April 1928.

The Killer at Thunder Mountain. Mystery Stories, May 1928.

The Cow Creek Murder. Mystery Stories, December 1928.

The Man Wolves. Mystery Stories, (two-part serial, February-March 1929).

Brains. Mystery Stories, May 1929.

[Jenkins, Will F.].The Square Guy. Detective Fiction Weekly, June 8, 1929.

The Murdered Wax Figure. Detective Fiction Weekly, August 3, 1929.

The Man Who Wouldn't Squeal. Detective Fiction Weekly, August 17, 1929.

Murder at the Sty. Prize Detective Magazine, November 1929.

A Flyer of Old Masters. Complete Detective Novel Magazine, January 1930.

Murder Island. Detective Fiction Weekly, March 29, 1930.

Murder Madness. Astounding Stories, (four-part serial, May-August 1930. Pub. in book form by Brewer and Warren, 1931).

[Jenkins, Will F.]. The Man Who Feared. Detective Fiction Weekly, (four-part serial August 9, 16, 23 and 30, 1930. Pub. by Gateway Books, 1942).

The Purple Warning. Illustrated Detective Magazine, October 1930.

Dead Man’s Isle. All-Star Detective, March 1931.

Gang War. Clues, August 1931.

Murphy Makes a Pitch. Detective Fiction Weekly, December 19, 1931.

Gat. Clues, February 1932.

Something New in Crime. Detective Fiction Weekly, June 18, 1932.

Beats Big Shot's Finger. Detective Fiction Weekly, October 15, 1932.

Hot and Cold. Detective Fiction Weekly, February 4, 1933.

[Jenkins, Will F. with Helen Jenkins]. Lethion. Complete Detective Novel Magazine, April 1933.

The Big Mob. International Detective Magazine, July 1933.

Cops Think Crooks Are Fools. Detective Fiction Weekly, August 5, 1933.

The Body in the Taxi.Black Bat Detective Mysteries, October 1933.

The Coney Island Murders. Black Bat Detective Mysteries, November 1933.

[Jenkins, Will F.]. The Trouble on the Dude Ranch. Black Bat Detective Mysteries, November 1933.

The Hollywood Murders. Black Bat Detective Mysteries, December 1933.

Murder at the First Night. Black Bat Detective Mysteries, January 1934.

The Maniac Murders. Black Bat Detective Mysteries, February 1934.

Murder in the Family. Complete Detective Novel Magazine, April 1934. (Pub. in book form by John Hamilton as by Will F. Jenkins, 1935).

The Warehouse Murders. Black Bat Detective Mysteries, April 1934.

North of Sixty-Three.Detective Fiction Weekly, May 26, 1934.

Village of Plenty Fella Hell. Detective Fiction Weekly, January 12, 1935.

M'Fella Boy Fir. Detective Fiction Weekly, March 16, 1935.

One-Fella Memena's Sting. Detective Fiction Weekly, March 16, 1935.

[Jenkins, Will F.]. In the Fog.Thrilling Detective, September 1942.

Last of the Big Shots. Detective Tales, September 1942.

The Smart Guy. Detective Tales, October 1942.

Double for Murder. Strange Detective Mysteries (Canada), November 1942.

Indiscretion. Thrilling Detective, October 1943.

New Father. Thrilling Detective, November 1943.

Chuckles. Popular Detective, December 1943.

The Barber Shaves Himself. Thrilling Detective, January 1944.

Transfusion. Popular Detective, February 1944.

Payday. Thrilling Detective, April 1944.

Crime Wave. Phantom Detective, October 1944.

Bargain for an Enemy. Popular Detective, December 1944.

People Are Funny. Phantom Detective, December 1944.

One Corpse, Guaranteed. Famous Detective Stories, August 1950.

Homicide’s Sweetheart. Smashing Detective Stories, March 1952.

Crazy. Black Mask, Winter 1953.

Murderer's Encore. Dime Detective, February 1953.

[Jenkins, Will F.]. Possessed. Manhunt, February 1957.

[Jenkins, Will F.]. Killing in Chanco Lane. The Saint Detective Magazine, September 1958.

The Mousy Man. Mike Shayne's Mystery Magazine, April 1962.

Party Line.Mike Shayne's Mystery Magazine, May 1962.

Mr. Thomas. Thrilling Detective, June 1963.

[Jenkins, Will F.]. Innocent Victims. Mike Shayne's Mystery Magazine, May 1964.

The Man with the Floppy Ears. Mike Shayne's Mystery Magazine, July 1964.