Murray Leinster: A Bibliography of Adventures
— All novels and stories carry the byline of Murray Leinster unless noted. He often used his real name, Will F. Jenkins, but occasionally used the pseudonyms William Fitzgerald, Louisa Carter Lee, and Florinda Martel. —

Adventure Stories
Adventure Magazine Atmosphere. The Argosy, January 26, 1918.

You Can't Get Away With It. All-Story Weekly, February 2, 1918.

A Cabin in the Wilderness. All-Story Weekly, April 6, 1918.

In Cold Blood. The Argosy, May 4, 1918.

The Hour After Supper. The Argosy, July 13, 1918.

Jiggy Jazz. The Argosy, September 21, 1918.

Honesty. The Argosy, September 28, 1918.

Grooves. All-Story Weekly, October 13, 1918.

Izzy. The Argosy, November 16, 1918.

Food of Eagles. All-Story Weekly, December 14, 1918.

No-Man’s Reef. Young’s Magazine, June 1919.

Footprints in the Snow. All-Story Weekly, June 7, 1919.

Evidence. All-Story Weekly, July 12, 1919.

W.S.S. All-Story Weekly, August 2, 1919.

JuJu. Thrill Book, October 15, 1919.

Nerves. Argosy All-Story Weekly, June 4, 1921.

Baldy Rides a Hunch. Argosy All-Story Weekly, July 30, 1921.

The $500.00 Reward. Action Stories, September 1921.

Run, Race-Haws! Argosy All-Story Weekly, October 29, 1921.

When the Death Bird Sings. Ace-High Magazine, November 1921.

Leon the Magnificent. Ace-High Magazine, March 1922.

Bull’s-eye. People’s Story Magazine, May 1922.

Business Is Pleasure. Argosy All-Story Weekly, June 17, 1922.

The Street of Magnificent Dreams. Argosy All-Story Weekly, August 5, 1922.

Thief. People’s Story Magazine, August 10, 1922.

The End of the Trail. Ace-High Magazine, October 1922.

[Jenkins, Will F.]. The Man Who Went Black. Ace-High Magazine, October 1922.

Dust and Nuggets and Furs. Ace-High Magazine, November 1922.

Blind Eyes of the Sea. Ace-High Magazine, December 2, 1922.

No Sentiment. People’s Magazine, February 1, 1923.

Signal Weird. Top-Notch Magazine, February 1, 1923.

The Man Who Was Fired. Argosy All-Story Weekly, March 3, 1923.

Heroes. People’s Magazine, May 1, 1923.

The Sheriff Writes a Letter. People’s Magazine, May 15, 1923.

The Man Who Carried the Sky Line. Sea Stories, July 20, 1923.

The Off-Shore Breeze. Argosy All-Story Weekly, July 21, 1923.

The Juice Hog's Battle. Top-Notch Magazine, August 15, 1923.

Wormwood and General Detecting. Argosy All-Story Weekly, August 25, 1923.

In Account With Destiny. Short Stories, September 10, 1923.

A Wireless for the Fangless One. Short Stories, January 25, 1924.

The Captain of the Quiberon. Short Stories, April 10, 1924.

The Duplex Cross. People’s Magazine, May 1, 1924.

Rose O'Sharon. Triple-X, June 1924.

[Jenkins, Will F.]. Grist. Short Stories, July 10, 1924.

The Lunatic Railroad. Triple-X, August 1924.

Fog. Short Stories, September 10, 1924.

Sagebrush Slings the Bull. Short Stories, September 25, 1924.

The Curse of Golden Hill. Triple-X, December 1924.

Ample Water. Sunset, January 1925.

All Rescuers Will Be Prosecuted. Ace-High Magazine, January 18, 1925.

The Eyes of the Eagle. Flynn's, April 4, 1925.

The Killer. Ranch Romances, June 1925.

His Bid for Fame. Top-Notch Magazine. July 1, 1925.

Merritt Takes a Chance. Fighting Romances From the East and West, November 1925.

Racing with Death. Fighting Romances From the East and West, December 1925.

Aztec Gold. Fighting Romances From the East and West, January 1926.

[Jenkins, Will F.]. The Poisoned Glass. Fighting Romances from the West and East, January 1926.

Island Honor. Short Stories, February 10, 1926.

The Red Stone. Short Stories, February 25, 1926.

Fool's Gold. Fighting Romances From the East and West, March 1926.

Sharks. The Danger Trail, April 1926.

The Wreck of the Israel Holman. Sea Stories, May 1927.

Jungle Stream. The Danger Trail, June 1927.

The Boys in the Bunkhouse. Golden West Magazine (British edition), July 1927.

Sword of Kings. Frontier Stories, July 1927. (Published in book form by John Long, 1933).

According to the Directory. The Danger Trail, August 1927.

Lady Luck's Stepchild. West, August 27, 1927.

The God Who Carried a Cane. The Danger Trail, October 1927.

Wells of Pilduri. Frontier Stories, October 1927.

[Jenkins, Will F.]. Texas Gun Law. Adventure, January 1, 1928.

Kuantan. Adventure, February 15, 1928.

Village of the Devil-Devil Drums. The Danger Trail, June 1928.

Gun Cargo. Everybody's, July 1928.

Payung. Everybody's, September 1928.

Death Lagoon. Three Star Magazine, December 2, 1928.

The Skipper Knows Best. Short Stories, December 10, 1928.

Maeho. Adventure Trails, February 1929.

Khilit., Everybody's, March 1929.

The Deep Sea Trail. Adventure, June 1, 1929.

Sons of the Eagle. West, August 1929.

The Trap. Munsey's, August 1929.

Boots. Adventure, August 15, 1929.

Bosom Friends. Everybody's Combined with Romance, January 1930.

The Driving Force. Complete Northwest Magazine, January 1930.

The Eye of Black A’Wang. Short Stories, January 10, 1930.

The Mystery of the Scalping Blade. Triple-X Magazine, (five-part serial, January- May 1930).

[Jenkins, Will F.]. The Emerald Buddha. Short Stories, February 10, 1930.

White-Man-Devil. Wide World Adventures, June 1930.

The Hand of God. Short Stories, July 25, 1930.

[Jenkins, Will F.]. The Black Stone of Agharti. Short Stories, September 10, 1930.

The Hippopotamus Bullet. Star Novels Magazine, November 1930.

Flying Fish Milk. Star Magazine, December 1930.

Storm Wings. Air Trails, March 1931.

The Great Joke of Lope Da Gamma. Far East Adventure Stories, April 1931.

The Radio Pilot. Street & Smith Air Trails, June 1931.

The Affair at Ensenada. Two Gun Stories, July 1931.

Checkmate. Star Novels Magazine, September 1931.

The Boast of Mat Drus. Popular Fiction Magazine, November 1931.

A Dead Man Started It. Triple-X Magazine, October 1932.

Destiny is Respectable. Argosy, May 20, 1933.

The Private God, Conflict. Tales of Fighting Adventures, Fall 1933.

Ten Grand. Short Stories, September 10, 1933.

The Only Honest Deck. Short Stories, September 10, 1934.

The Rollers. Argosy, December 29, 1934.

Murder on Ruari. Street & Smith’s Complete Stories, March 8, 1935.

The Private and the Lady. Street & Smith’s Complete Stories, April 1, 1935.

After Two Cigarettes. Short Stories, July 25, 1935.

The Boy. Argosy, September 28, 1935.

Charley's Partner. Short Stories, December 10, 1935.

The Devil-Devil Stone. Adventure, February 1936.

The Friend of Capt. Dick. Short Stories, March 25, 1936.

Trouble on the Voyage. Short Stories, April 25, 1936.

Jungle Loot. All Aces Magazine, May-June, 1936.

The Mob Knows Best. Argosy, July 4, 1936.

[Jenkins, Will F.]. The Maintop. Blue Book, November 1936.

Tradition. Street & Smith’s Complete Stories, November 1936.

[Jenkins, Will F.]. The Second Avenue Kid. Double-Action Gang Magazine, April 1937.

Battle Piece. Argosy, April 3, 1937.

Quest of the Golden Lie. Argosy, June 12, 1937.

The Chromatic Cat. Adventure Novels and Short Stories, July 1937.

[Jenkins, Will F.]. In Spring Thaws. Complete Northwest Novels, July 1937.

[Jenkins, Will F.].Malay Guns. Adventure Novels, July 1937.

And See the World. Argosy, July 24, 1937.

The Greatest Scoundrel Unhung. Argosy, September 11, 1937.

Illusion. All American Fiction, February 1938.

Bad Man. Short Stories, February 25, 1938.

The First Mate of the Bulgora. Adventure Yarns, August 1938.

[Jenkins, Will F.]. Man Against Sea. Argosy (British Edition), November 1938.

The King of Halstead Street. Argosy, November 5, 1938.

The Captain of the Carnatic. Adventure Yarns, December 1938.

Smart Bird, Hugin. Short Stories, January 10, 1939.

Young Men and Prideful. Argosy, February 18, 1939.

[Jenkins, Will F.]. A Loan of Dynamite. Blue Book, March 1939.

[Jenkins, Will F.]. Sauvetage. Rie et Rac, March 29, 1939.

[Jenkins, Will F.]. New Heads for the Devil-Devil Doctor. Adventure Novels and Short Stories, April 1939.

The Pebble of Justice. Argosy, April 1, 1939.

Buck Comes Home. Short Stories, April 25, 1939.

[Jenkins, Will F.]. The Man Who Blew Up A War. Blue Book, May 1939.

An Old Persian Customer. Argosy, May 6, 1939.

The Black Rattlesnake. Adventure, June 1939.

The Kidder. Argosy, June 24, 1939.

Dames. Short Stories, August 10, 1939.

Maxie. Short Stories, April 10, 1940.

[Jenkins, Will F.]. The Kid Dies Again. The Star Weekly, April 27, 1940.

No More Battles. Argosy, May 11, 1940.

The Young Signor. Short Stories, August 25, 1940.

Friends. Short Stories, December 25, 1940.

[Jenkins, Will F.]. The Lion-Mane Collar. Illustrated, January 11, 1941.

Ham Flier. Short Stories, April 10, 1941.

[Jenkins, Will F.]. The Fourth Moment. This Week Magazine, April 27, 1941.

[Jenkins, Will F.]. The Island That Looked Like Paradise. Blue Book, November 1941.

[Jenkins, Will F.]. Mauki. Argosy (British Edition), July 1942.

The Vixen. The Star Weekly, July 26, 1942.

[Jenkins, Will F.]. From Dusk to Dawn. Argosy (British Edition), November 1942.

The War Goes On. Sky Fighters, November 1942.

Half-Wolf. Thrilling Adventures, February 1943.

[Jenkins, Will F.]. Proposal. Argosy (UK), April 1943.

[Jenkins, Will F.]. Artist. Argosy (British Edition), October 1943.

[Jenkins, Will F.]. Escape. Argosy, May 1944.

[Jenkins, Will F.]. One Traitor Among Us. Life Story Magazine, August 1944.

King's Pirate. Adventure, October 1944.

[Jenkins, Will F.]. The Secret of Room 917. Life Story Magazine, March 1945.

[Jenkins, Will F.]. Under Suspicion. Life Story Magazine, April 1945.

[Jenkins, Will F.]. The Dream. Life Story Magazine, June 1945.

[Jenkins, Will F.]. Captain Morgan Was a Gentleman. Short Stories, July 25, 1945.

[Jenkins, Will F.]. For Services Rendered. Argosy, August 1945.

[Jenkins, Will F] The Devil on Apuru. Adventure, October 1947.

Trapped. True Experience, November 1947.

Argument. True Experience, January 1948.

Vengeance. Short Stories, March 10, 1948.

Panhandle. Movie Magazine, May 1948.

[Jenkins, Will F.]. The Falling Trapeze. Star Weekly, May 1, 1948.

Wanted. Movie Magazine, June 1948.

[Jenkins, Will F.]. Forbidden Sanctuary. Argosy, November 1948.

The Night Has a Thousand Eyes. Movie Magazine, November 1948.

Whiplash. Movie Magazine, January 1949.

Panic. The Star Weekly, June 13, 1949.

East of Java. Movie Magazine, December 1949.

[Jenkins, Will F.]. Mr. Waddy. Argosy (British Edition), January 1950.

[Jenkins, Will F.]. Love Letter. Argosy (British Edition), August 1950.

[Jenkins, Will F.]. Something for Steve. Grit, April 5, 1954.

[Jenkins, Will F.]. The Second Mrs. Frayne. The Star Weekly, December 31, 1955.

[Jenkins, Will F] Last Day on Earth. Adventure, July 1956.

Poor Devils. Short Stories, April 1958.

Death in the Jungle. The Saint Detective Magazine, June 1958.

Youth. Short Stories, December 1958.